For too long, Michigan has been in a downward spiral of decay.  Our infrastructure, manufacturing, cities, and, most importantly, our great state's residents have suffered due to the failure of our Michigan lawmakers to move our state forward.

In the past, Michigan introduced many of our nation's "firsts."  The first roadside park, first four-way traffic light, and the first mass production moving assembly lines.  As that list grew, Michigan proved itself to be driven by important industry and manufacturing that became a beacon of prosperity within America.  Michigan soon developed into a state where people could build their homes, families, and their livelihoods.  It is now time to put Michigan's residents and Michigan's best interests at the forefront as they once were.  

Alec Findlay, a home-grown native of Mason, Michigan, intends to do just that.  Findlay's proposed policies would help Michigan once again become a beacon of American prosperity.  He intends to do this by introducing legislation that would:

1)  Encourage economic development by giving tax breaks to new and existing manufacturing plants located in Michigan.  Encourage new technological advancements and investment within the state.  Work to fill the many skilled trade jobs that are left unfilled, through expanded vocational and trade school programs and incentives.   

2)  Increase the budget for public education and ensure Michigan retains and attracts the best and brightest teachers and students.

3)  Think bigger, by looking towards innovative solutions to our state's aging infrastructure.

4)  Work towards modernizing and providing an expansive digital infrastructure available to everyone.   

5)  Fight for fair taxes across the board, while making sure the richest of Michiganders and companies are paying their fair share to make Michigan prosperous again.

6)  Work to end the discrimination against the LGBTQIA community in Michigan and campaign to give everyone the same rights granted to heterosexuals.

7)  Tackle the issue of gender-based discrimination regarding equal pay for women. 

8) Place harsher restrictions and penalties on businesses that pollute or exploit our State's beautiful rivers and lakes Focus efforts on rebuilding Michigan's aging infrastructure.

9)  Ensure the maintenance of our State's gorgeous landscape by  designating more land as natural habitats.

10)  Reform campaign financing in order to make the real and important issues and needs of Michigan's residents heard instead of only the millionaires who invest in lawmaker's campaigns.

11)  Ensure Michigander's healthcare is protected from special interests and work to ensure expanded coverage with lower premiums.   

It is time to revitalize Michigan.  A 2018 vote for Findlay is a vote for a forward, more prosperous Michigan.


Its time for our legislature and elected leaders to think bigger and better.


Forward Findlay, Forward Michigan.

Millennials underrepresented in state capitals

Millennials make up 13% of the Michigan Legislature, but 28% of the state population. Nationwide, the discrepancy is even starker.

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