Learn about our shared priorities and where Alec stands on specific issues. "Your priorities are my priorities". - Alec Findlay

Economic Freedom

Michigan's economy is recovering, but not for the average Michigander. Costs of living have increased as our wages have stayed stagnant. Alec firmly believes that Lansing needs to prioritize people over profits. That means providing people the economic freedom to survive and work towards a better life. Alec is proud to be the only candidate in this primary to call for a $15 minimum wage, a rural broadband system that works for all of us, a state-wide service corps, and a fairer tax system.

Protecting Your Healthcare

Like many Michiganders, Findlay prescribes to the belief that healthcare is a human right. Alec will fight to reprioritize Michigan's healthcare system. It's time to put people over profits. That's why Findlay is fighting for a single-payer "Medicare-for-all" healthcare system for Michigan. The last thing Michiganders want are higher premiums, costlier co-pays, and a reduction in access to affordable healthcare. However, this is exactly what many legislators in Lansing are trying to implement. Alec will fight tirelessly to ensure Michiganders have access to quality and affordable healthcare.

A Better Future through Public Education

Michigan's public education is at a crossroads. Do we continue to defund our schools, test our children into oblivion, fail our teachers by not giving them the support they need? Or do we take a different approach? Findlay believes we need a new approach. We need to fight and stand up for public education and our teachers. Michigan needs to prioritize and listen to our educators and give them the support and funds they need to teach our children. Fighting for better teaching conditions, more funds, and better and more individualized testing will ensure our children become the future leaders they're destined to be.

Better Roads Equals Prosperity

Our society is dependent on good roads and infrastructure that allow us to move goods, travel, and get to work. Without better infrastructure we run the risk of losing a critical element of our civilization. Some legislators suggest we go back to gravel roads. Thats a bull**** opinion, its an opinion that reaks of defeatism and giving up. Alec believes Lansing needs to prioritze investment as well as mandates that ensure our contractors are doing their best work, using the best materials while not wasting them, and that they are building our infrastructure to last as long as possible. It's time for real action on our roads. Our state's economy can't afford any inaction or small solution, it requires bold action and policies.

Caring for Our Environment

Michigan has some of our nation's most precious natural resources. Our Great Lakes, our land, our air, we are all tasked with defending them from greedy big businesses who would like to exploit or pollute our state's resources. Alec believes that Enbridge's Line 5 needs to be shut down before any spill occurs. We also cannot allow Michigan corporations to weigh in on environmental policy. This fox in the hen house policy will not be supported or tolerated by Alec. If elected he will fight for sound, reasonable, safe environmental policies that put Michiganders and our state first. Alec will fight for clean water, clean air, and scientifically based policies.