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Do you believe in innovative, imaginative, and inclusive policies?  Do you think that the complex problems we face today require forward-thinking, radically creative, and pragmatic ways of solving them?  Do you believe that Lansing should be working for all of us as opposed to a few?  Do you believe in the power of grassroots organizing and your ability to enact positive and lasting change?

This is what Alec Findlay believes, he believes that everyday Michiganders like you are the key to implementing lasting change. Alec states, "At the risk of sounding a tad corny, I'm a huge believer in the power of we and us, this campaign is as it should be focused on you, not me".

Stand with Alec today by pledging to vote on August 7th and November 6th 2018.  Can we count on your support?  

You are the key to progressing Michigan forward!  A vote on primary and election days will help to see Michigan and all of its inhabitants are put at the forefront of policy.  

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