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Do you want to meet Alec or volunteer for the campaign?  Stay tuned on this page as events and various opportunities will be uploaded and updated throughout the campaign. 

Come out to an event near you! 

Alec would love an opportunity to come to you to speak about how our next State Representative must be willing to take on the tough issues.  Like fixing our roads, our infrastructure, protecting our healthcare, increasing the number of good paying jobs in our area, and many more issues. 

If you would like to request Alec's presence at your event or home, please send an email to with the details.

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  • Canvassing Kickoff

    Join Alec Findlay as we kick off the 2018 canvassing campaign!  Its time to get to work pounding the pavement.  We hope to see you out there for one or both shifts!  

    Lunch and bottled water will be provided.  Dress appropriately for the weather. 

    All you have to bring is yourself, family, and friends!  The more the merrier.

    There will be a short canvassing training before each shift then we will promptly go out into the community.

    "This campaign is dependent on people like you willing to stand up for positive principled action that benefits every Michigander, not just the few.  I am excited to get to down to work with you!" - Alec Findlay   

  • Canavassing In Holt

    Join us at Valhalla Park in Holt as we continue our momentum and knock more doors!

    Lunch and bottled water will be provided.

    Let’s get down to work moving our state forward!

  • Brewing Up a Movement

    Come meet Alec Findlay as he begins his district-wide listening tour in his home township of Alaiedon.  Come learn about our people-centered campaign as we listen to all your concerns and learn about the issues most important to you!

    Enjoy great food, drinks, and company as we begin to brew up a movement focused on representing you and your voices in Lansing!

    We look forward to meeting you at Spartan Brewpub!

  • We are at a Crossroads

    The 67th District is at a political crossroads moving into the 2018 election.  Come meet Alec Findlay as he discusses the crossroads we're at in our district and what our campaign is doing to work for you.

    Come enjoy good food, drinks, and company as we listen to your concerns and issues important to you.

    We look forward to meeting you out at Crossroads Grill & Bar!

  • Mason Meet and Eat

    Come join Alec Findlay at the Courthouse Pub & Grill as he discusses our people-powered campaign and listens to your concerns.

    Enjoy great food, drinks, and company as Findlay listens to you and takes your views and voices to Lansing!

    We look forward to seeing you out at the Courthouse Pub & Grill!

  • Taking Stock of Stockbridge

    This event is to take stock of what makes Stockbridge great!  For far too long Democratic campaigns have forgotten about the average Joes and Jane's on the peripheries of the 67th District.  

    This campaign is focusing on the average Michigander and we are excited to be making a stop in Stockbridge!  

    Come out and enjoy good food, drinks, and company as Findlay discusses his grassroots campaign and the people-centered movement we're building!  

    We look forward to seeing you out at Back Street Bar! 

  • Primary Party

    The time for some well deserved beverages and food has come!  Come join our campaign's final event of the primary election by watching the results as they come in live.

    Enjoy great food, drinks, and company as we get together and reward all the hard work we've put into this campaign.

    Please RSVP and remember to go vote before 8pm!

    We look forward to seeing you out there at LeRoy's!